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How do I convert audio to video?

Where am I?

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Below are three solutions that you can use to convert audio content into video. Each solution has its own benefits and drawbacks, which solution to choose will differ based on your needs.

1) Video editing software

All major video editing suites will allow you to import an audio file into a project, allowing you to create a video that will play your audio, and to import any other visual media (pictures and videos) as well.  Using a video editing suite will give you the highest level of customization and control over the output of your video, but this comes at a cost; using video editing can have a high learning curve, and the software itself can be quite expensive.

Some popular options are:
- Adobe Premiere Pro85 / Adobe After Effects100 (Windows / OS X - $20.99+ / month)
- Final Cut Pro94 (OSX - $399)
- Wondershare Filmora9105 (Windows / OS X - $69.99) 

2) Audiogram generators

If you need to have control over the look of your video, there are web applications specifically for converting audio into video for social media, which will allow you to create engaging visuals to accompany your audio, giving you enough flexibility over the presentation of your video, without the steep learning curve of full fledged video editing suites. These websites will take your audio content, and help you build visuals that will combine to create a polished video fit for posting to social media, usually in less time than in a video editing suite.

Audiogram32 fills this need, and lets you create professional quality media easily and quickly, without requiring you to have knowledge of software, or a background in visual design. You upload audio files from your computer (or import podcast content through Apple Podcasts) and define a region of audio to use in your video. Audiogram32 will also transcribe your content, and create animated captions that highlight as your audio plays.

For the visual presentation of your video, simply select one of their base themes as a starting point, and customize the options as you see fit. Attached below is an example of a completed audiogram.

- Get started with Audiogram32

Other options:
- Headliner84

3) Online file converters

These websites will allow you to upload your source file, and choose a destination file format to export as. This is the simplest method for converting your media, but the main drawback is that your exported video will just be a black box with your audio track playing, so if you need to have control over how your video looks, this likely isn’t the option for you.

- EZ-Converter118
- Online Video Converter98
- MP3ToolBox.net82