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How can I upload an MP3 to Youtube?

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If you want to post an MP3 to YouTube, you’ll first need to convert it into a video. To do this, you can use a website like Audiogram32, which can quickly take an audio file, and convert it into video all within your browser. If you need to convert longer audio files, or need total control over the output of your video, then you’ll need to use video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut. These video editing suites are very powerful, however they typically have a large learning curve to get up and running.

To use Audiogram, you’ll need to Sign up for a free account here32. Once logged in, you’ll want to click the “Create new audiogram” button from your dashboard:

How can I upload an MP3 to Youtube?

From the source selection screen, click “Choose File”, and you’ll be able to select and upload your MP3 file:

How can I upload an MP3 to Youtube?

After uploading your MP3 file, you’ll be brought to a screen to select the portion of audio you want to use for your Youtube video. After selecting a clip, you’ll be asked if you want to create a traditional or captioned audiogram.  With captioned audiograms, we automatically transcribe your audio, however you’ll be given a chance to edit the transcript and timing of the audio should there be any issues. If you need to create your audiogram quickly, you can choose a traditional audiogram, where you can choose your own text to overlay on the video.

The final step is to choose the visual style for your audiogram.  We offer pre-built audiogram themes which are designed to work well with any imagery and text combinations. All you need to do is upload an image, choose your fonts and colors, and you’re ready to export your completed video. From there you simply download your video to your computer, and upload it directly to your YouTube account.

Use the following link to Get started with Audiogram32.

If you want to use a video editing suite like Premiere Pro or Final cut, you can find tutorials for creating a video from an MP3 below:

How to add your own music and audio to Final Cut Pro X22

How to import music into Adobe Premiere23

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